Writing Guidelines

Some rules need to be met in order for your work to be accepted. Share your ideas with our fast-growing audience. All we ask is that your article piece is relevant to the topics mentioned above and of course other than pure technical requirements all we ask for is that you supply us with unique insight that is surely going to amaze curious readers. But before you start writing, let us take a closer look at the requirements that you need to meet:

Authentic work

As mentioned before, this is the main pillar of our community. Nobody wants to read something dull and repetitive and therefore it is expected from you to contribute the fresh and engaging content free from plagiarism of any kind but full of innovative ideas and entertaining tone! Keep this in mind everytime you start thinking about the new topic for your next work.

Let us see the things from your point of view

Also one of the most essential things to note. Here at qkxyq.com, we want above all to see the things from your perspective and feel the way you are looking upon certain problems and the ways to resolve them. No one can explain certain topics that you imagined better than your self then why not just give the audience the full insight on how you perceive the situation and who knows maybe you are the new favorite author that they are going to lose their mind for!

Your target audience

Remember that topics covered by this blog are colorful and very adaptable to the discussion. Therefore the general audience that reads them cannot be formulated in a simple answer. The readers that are going to judge your work are coming from all spheres of everyday life just like our topics are. So it will come handy to know that both ordinary folk and some super smart scientists are both going to examine what you wrote. But that shouldn't discourage you! Since all of us here came to read something entertaining and fun while drinking coffee in the morning or enjoying free time on a train...

Content and Writing format

Please follow the technical requirements that your article needs to meet in order to get published:

The headline

The article headline has to capture your reader's mind and eyes and give them an exciting representation of the topic that you are presenting.
Make it straightforward, plain, simple and most importantly informative.
The headline should be around 6 words, more or less.
Use power adjectives that sound distinctively important (Powerfull, Sensational, Essential, Exciting, Catastrophic, Shocking, etc.)

The good trick is to use questions that contain an answer to the problem. This indicates to the readers that they may learn something new, and therefore not only have fun while reading but also find a delightful lesson in your work!

Feel free to use negative-sounding words. Since sometimes this is the best way to prove a certain point.

Article structure


The minimum required length is 500 words. Go over the minimum amount only when you feel like that your article needs to prove a certain further point in explanation but generally avoid large texts since they are most of the time not so interesting to the general audience.


This is your chance to win readers heart or not. You would be surprised how many times this proves to be the breaking point when most readers lose their will to continue reading regardless of how good your article might be.
Use it to send a unique message that echoes with a deep meaning with your audience!
One to two short paragraphs while introducing a certain subject can do miracles when trying to present the general idea behind your topic and intrigue your reader to continue exploring what you have to offer.
Keep it informal, enlightening and ask questions that you will provide answers for throughout the text.
The last sentence in your introduction should include a practical reason why they should continue reading and what they might learn from you.
Think of it as an opportunity to convince your readers that you offer something useful to them.

The body of the text

Separating your article into 3-5 segments with headings proves to be the best way to formulate it. Each heading you discuss has to reflect your arguments that support your statement on the subject.
Make a small spacing and divide those paragraphs so your readers find it more enjoyable with less bulkiness that no one wants to see.
Our attention span is quite short so the more improved readability is the greater chances are that your reader will finish reading that article and get the message that you wanted to send him in the first place.

Remember that every good story needs to have a proper ending.

Wrapping up your article with a sounding message is the best way to do it. This will nonetheless strengthen your message and compile the key conclusions for your reader.


You are allowed to add up to 2 in-article links that need to lead to pages relevant to the topic of your article.
After we publish your article, we respectfully invite you to add a link to it on your website/social media.

Email us your *.doc file for update and review or share a Google Drive link of the file with enabled editing options.

State your full name and title in the file name.

Please don't forget to include an engaging meta description of 155 characters (not words) that will include keywords your topic is focused on.
This will play a major role in how search engines will index your article and needless to say, will eventually improve your chances of your article being read by more people.
Before applying your work to us, please send us some of that brief information about yourself as specified below:

Full name or pseudonym.