5 Valentine’s Day Presents for Her – Make This Day an Unusual One

Valantine's Day Gift

It is that time of year when couples become even more attached to the care and love they have for each other. We all know how a certain present from time to time can make our loved one know that we care for her, but what better occasion than a Valentines’s day to surprise her with an unusual present that she will most certainly remember for a long time. Here are some wacky and unusual ideas for Valentine’s day gift:

1. Chose naughty and fun Valentine’s gift

Maybe you didn’t expect this recommendation but lush vibrator as a gift can be both shocking and fun present for both of you. Imagine all the naughty games that can unfold in your bedroom once the lights go off and the sexual desire go on. Needless to say, this will probably be one of the most provocative presents that she ever got and if anything, she will remember this one for a long time. Don’t hesitate to get this pleasure little helper for her, but if you are not in a mood to gift a vibrator then there are a whole lotta different sex toys to choose from.

2. Name a star with her name!

Two People Looking at the Stars

Yup! you heard me right. What is being sold by star registry is a unique and thoughtful gift for someone you appreciate. Surely you cant bring the moon and stars down from the sky for her, but nonetheless, you can name a star by her name and make her remember this Valentine’s for the rest of her life! Talking about unusual presents this can be one of the top picks but once you decide that this is the one true present that you are going to gift to her then look only for valid registry companies that can actually register this unusual gift since many of them claim to do so but of course, don’t.

3. Buy her an exotic pet

Puppies and kittens can always make her squeak with high pitch tones once she realizes that there is something moving in that gift box. But, have you ever consider buying her something to care for that lives in tropical and remote places of our planet? Try to think carefully what that might be and what she might be into. The gecko lizard is so funny to be taken care of, other than him, how about a chameleon or some types of captivating and exotic fish in an unusual aquarium? Whatever you do just don’t gift her something that she might be frightened of since you don’t want to end up in the same cage that you brought your gift in…

4. Weekend trip to the place she always wanted to go to

There must be someplace she always told you she would love to go to but the situation never proved to be just as good to do so. This might be the perfect time for that boat cruize or maybe a hike to a nearby romantic mountain resort where you two will be in the chance to enjoy each other after nice dinner and a quality time gifted for her attention. Such trip doesn’t have to include expensive plane tickets and the high cost of accommodation, just think about some cozy place nearby where you can spend this 14th of February together or upcoming weekend and she will most certainly never forget it.

5. Get matching tattoos

Tattoo Letters

Well, maybe it is not time yet to shout out that faithful “Yes!” and match your surnames forevermore, but its a modern world and there are so many other ways to show true commitment than with the previously stated one. This doesn’t have to be some large tattoo but even a simple heart divided into two parts for both of you can show off the true love and commitment that you have for her since unless you undergo a surgical procedure this gift will remain with you two forever! Of course, it doesn’t have to be heart shaped one so think carefully about something original and she will definitely like this one since there is nothing more than women love in a relationship then the showoff of the true commitment.

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