Top 10 Suitcases to Gift for Birthday in 2020


Believe it or not, suitcases are one of the star gifts every Birthday for ladies. With or without wheels, large or small, rigid or flexible. To go on vacation or for business occasions, for a weekend or 15 days, there is a suitable model for all purposes. 

To gift a suitcase is an invite to travel. However, as there are thousands of different models in the market, we have set out to help you with a selection of the ten best bags to give away for Birthday.

First, you need to think about the person and what she needs the suitcase for. What use will it give? Business trips for a couple of nights? Funny weekends on the beach? Once you have a clear objective, you must take into account the three basic characteristics of the suitcases.

Three Main Elements of Every Good Suitcase


The vital elements of every well-made suitcase are well protected and spacious interior space as well as mobility. 

The interior capacity, in any case, must be clear, without tubes or spaces that are not easily accessible due to the shape of the suitcase. It is also a good idea to consider whether you have rubber bands for clothes, pockets for the laptop or a place for shoes. 

The smaller pockets are a very comfortable addition for small objects to be ordered. If you have doubts about how much space will be needed, follow a basic rule: better than what is missing, but don’t overdo it.


Luggage, suitcases in airport, 3d render illustration

Most suitcases include wheels for easy mobility and transport. They usually come in sets of two or four wheels that are complemented by an adjustable height handle that favours drag. 

Pay attention to the material with which the wheels are made, especially for large models that have to support a lot of weight. 

Have you tried running through an airport with a broken wheel case? That’s why it’s so crucial for it to be fixed at all times and mobile.

Resistance and Security


The suitcases that travel by plane are suffering blows, breaks, scratches or throws of the tape to the cargo hold and vice versa. This hustle and bustle can affect our personal property if the suitcase is not strong enough. 

The material with which they are made is breakable, so pay attention to the textile or plastic and that the joints are well sealed.

In addition to being durable, a good suitcase should be safe to avoid the curious temptation of others. Many models come with a small lock or a combination security lock that discourage airport thieves.

Now let’s take a look at what models are best to give away for Birthday to your loved ones.

1. Aleon Deluxe Rolling Aluminum Suitcase

black Suitcases

A rigid and swivel suitcase with four wheels and telescopic handle that is ideal for trips of 3 to 5 days. The cover is made of aluminum with an anti-scratch finish and 44.45 centimetres of internal dimension.

The removable divider makes this model also an ideal business case, but if you remove it, it can also be used as an overnighter. Roomy pockets for your power supply cords and cables, headphones and pocket chargers. The organizer, includes a filing system, pen holders and a credit card holder. This case will accommodate a 15″ laptop.

With its stylish look and hardshell body that is very lightweight, this model will be a perfect companion for many future trips.

2. Aerolite ABS Cabin Suitcase

Grey Suitcases

A rigid and lightweight suitcase, with 4 wheels and designed for hand luggage compartments of low-cost airlines. Its dimensions fit perfectly in any cabin luggage meter.

It has a capacity of 35 litres and weighs 2.7 kilos. The housing is made of ABS plastic scratch-resistant. 

A perfect model for those who frequently travel for work for one or two nights. Includes a 3-digit security lock and 5 years warranty.

3. American Tourister – Funshine Spinner

Black Suitcase

This model is softshell with contrast piping and seams comes in three sizes to choose from.

The small one is perfect for 1 or 2 days (36 litres, cabin luggage), the medium one of 63.5 litres has a capacity for one week and the larger one, 99.5 litres, is ideal for that trip of 15 days.

With four fully rotating wheels and an extendable handle, inside it has fastening straps and a front pocket. Several colour options.

4. Hauptstadtkoffer Alex

Hauptstadtkoffer Alex

A rigid polycarbonate suitcase with four swivel wheels, extendable handle and a wide variety of colours. It includes handles on the upper side and the side, closure with combination lock and zippers to extend the space by 15%. 

The interior is fully lined and has an internal grid separator and retaining rubber. You have it in 3 sizes: cabin luggage, for one week and for 15 days of travel. Excellent quality/price ratio except for the handle, which is somewhat flimsy.

5. Eastpak Tranverz S

Eastpak Tranverz S

A hybrid suitcase made of advanced materials. It comes with two fixed wheels and a sturdy extendable handle. It has a capacity of 42 litres and weighs 2 kilos, and includes a security lock to avoid worries. 

The interior has zip fasteners that create two compartments and some fastening straps so that nothing moves. With a height of 51 centimetres, it is suitable for cabin luggage, and its great advantage is that it has more interior space than rigid models.

6. Gabol Paradise Suitcase

Gabol Paradise Suitcase

A versatile suitcase with silent wheels, an advantage to highlight for those who leave home early or arrive late after the trip. Robust suitcase with a lined interior and a very resistant multiposition extendable handle. 

You have it in 7 different colours and the usual three sizes of the market: hand luggage, for one week and for 15 days. With interior dividers and fastening straps so that nothing moves. Security lock with three digits.

7. Samsonite Lite-Shock Spinner

Green Suitcase

The best-selling Samsonite combines a lightweight with excellent resistance. It is manufactured with Curv technology, a material that absorbs energy and reduces the effect of impacts.

It has an integrated TSA lock that allows you to travel safely to the United States and lockable zippers to facilitate the closing. As for mobility, it comes with four multi-directional silent wheels and a single tube handle.

It includes two interior compartments separated by meshes and cross straps. Available in four sizes, including the XL designed for large trips of more than 15 days.

8. Movom Wood Suitcase

Movom Wood Suitcase

Rigid suitcase made of anti-scratch ABS and with TSA closure for additional security. A comfortable and practical model with lateral reinforcements and 4 double and resistant swivel wheels. 

The interior is divided into 2 compartments protected with sturdy meshes and has pockets for smaller objects. 

Available in 9 colours and the usual three sizes: cabin, one week and two weeks of travel. 

9. Horizn Studios H5

Horizn Studios H5

High-end suitcase for nomads with amazing functionality: a USB charger for smartphone and tablet thanks to an integrated battery. A convenient way to charge electronic devices while travelling. 

The polycarbonate outer shell is ultra-resistant. So much so that the suitcase warranty is 30 years. The closure is with TSA lock and has the perfect size of cabin luggage, with an internal capacity of 35 litres. 

Mobility with four double wheels and a resistant extendable handle are all done more than well.

10. Roncato Speed Suitcase

 A sporty and compact suitcase that becomes a backpack thanks to two practical straps. Soft suitcase made of synthetic material and butterfly closure. 

It weighs 3 kilos, has size for cabin luggage and remarkable interior capacity. It includes two lightweight wheels and a single tube handle. 

Perfect for fast trips that require a lot of mobility.

In Conclusion

That was the selection of ten best suitcases to buy for Birthday to your lady friends or relatives. The great thing about the suitcase as a gift is that these things are usually a lifelong investment, so your contribution will surely be long remembered. 

Think about all the main perks that every good suitcase has to have and find the ideal model to surprise your friends and family when the holidays start.

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