Seven Hair Accessories That Are Still Going to Dominate in 2020

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Hair accessories for 2019 are exciting and far more impressive then they were in the previous seasons. A lot of times we see trends that have been substantially recycled or simply making their rounds again, but the trends of the 2019-2020 spring/summer hair accessories are invigorating. Spring is renewal and rebirth, and summer is the time to shine with the longest days and the hottest months, so we don’t mind seeing some new versions of the old favorites that appear. However, there is nothing like discovering something new to love.

The flowers, both real and fake, are expected for the winners of summer hair accessories 2019/2020. They are the symbols of the season, but as they are made and worn they can be new. With all the trends of the spring/summer fashion 2019-2020 sectioned after the fashion weeks, lovers of all aspects of fashion are having a field day. Even better, the 2019-2020 spring/summer hair accessories include a nice bit of sparkling shine.

You will notice that the low tails and the wrapped low tails are among the trends of the hottest spring/summer 2019-2020 collections, performed in many different ways. Find the one that works for you below and decorate it with beautiful hair accessory! If hair accessories are your passion, or even if you simply want to try it, the many options from Scunci will surely give you a reason to smile. 

Pearl-Encrusted Hair Accessories


Simone Rocha has done things for the hair accessories of the spring 2019-2020 with pearl-encrusted hair clips. The models wore three at a time, strategically positioned with one on the bow and one on each side at the end of the eyebrows. The entire look was in a very delicate and Renaissance style, perfectly functional with the presentation of the catwalk.

These pearl clips are perfect for every hair and add a touch of grace even to the soberest look. Each of the pearls was decently sized with multiples on each clip, creating a very captivating feature that held back the friable curls and flying hair of Hermione.

These wonderful hairpins have not only protected the hair and have made a lasting impression, but they have shown a remarkable capacity of resistance on more textures than hair. They have captured the light, from every corner and have emanated a romantic and old-world feeling.

Rhinestones Parts


The fashion contribution of hair accessories for 2019-2020 by Dries Van Noten was one of the most interesting. No one seems to be able to pinpoint exactly how they took it out initially, but it’s amazing to see and surprisingly easy to do if you’re interested.

Speculation is that the use of a little eyelash glue will allow you to attach a rhinestone strip to a central or side part for an extra touch of bling and sparkle without tearing your hair. It was unexpectedly beautiful and sure to be duplicated in the next fashion season and beyond.

Gold Bars

Gold Bars

Versace is synonymous with sophisticated and sumptuous design, so the feeling of luxury and style of gold pegs on the catwalk to make the 2019/2020 hair accessory favorite. Each bar has small versions of Versace medallions, making each next bar even more iconic. The models wore two at a time, with the style of framing faces.

The hair accessories of the gold dragonfly by Vicky Zhang for the summer 2019-2020 featured pearl heads and translucent wings. They were decadent and beautiful and will certainly be one of the most sought-after hair accessories trends until the start of 2020 and probably more.

 Silk Wraps

Silk Wraps

Lanvin was seen with much more attention than normal during the spring 2019/2020 because there were some important changes in the team. As we all looked closely, we could see another version of the low-waisted ponytail, but this time wrapped around the base about half below with Lanvin silk scarves.

First of all, this is a trend of the 2019/2020 that allows the multi-purposing of silk scarves and the silk does not shake the hair cuticles. When you take this style there will be no need to pay more attention to the hair. Also, the scarves have reached the point of the must-have trend of the spring/summer 2019-2020, so take a couple of interesting colors and play with them!

Lace and Ribbon Wraps

Lace and Ribbon Wraps

Fenty x Puma’s bungee tails were seen on some of the models during catwalks. The low ponytail was wrapped and tied in a sporty and heaped way that seemed complicated but also unpredictable.

Rochas used the fabric pieces from the collection to create a trend for the 2019-2020 hair accessories that everybody already loves. The fabric ribbons were used to tie the model’s S-shaped hair on the low tails, then wrapped and tied again.

Leather and Perspex Ponytail Wraps

Leather and Perspex Ponytail Wraps

Lowe characterized the skin wrapped with low ponytails with a single loop. One of the great contributions to the spring/summer 2019-2020 fashion collection was a long leather strap. It looks very easy to maintain and super easy to use.

Ulla Johnson presented a narrow low tail wrapped in two lengths of leather in neutral tones. On the catwalk, ponytails were sewn up and down to keep the leather casings close together and accentuate the look as a counterweight to the very feminine aesthetics of the collection.

Chanel aimed to amaze with the trend of the spring/summer 2019/2020 hair accessories collection that was an integral part of the show. The popular low tail was clearly in place. But the extended-length cover also became very trendy for this season and it was made in perspex.

Perspex is a transparent plastic material, the same as lucite or plexiglass. For Chanel, the tail covers in perspex are combined with the “waterproof” look of the collection and are perfect for those “April Showers”.



Mansur Gavriel showed off the periwinkle and high fashion printed ribbons as one of the coolest trends among hair accessories for 2019-2020. You read that right – scrunchies! When fashion wants to take something and elevate it from a convenience to a trend, this is how it is done. The ribbons were made of vintage Italian fabric and positioned freely on low ponytails for a casual look on air-dried hair.

If you plan to buy your Italian scrub vintage Mansur Gavriel, don’t expect the typical scrunchie prices. Rather than some scrunch for a couple of dollars, each scrunch will be sold for $ 35. The price is due to the brand name and type of fabric and of course, the vintage Italian fabric is not that cheap. Taking a top quality journey along the memory lane with a new series of scrunchies could be fun if you dare.

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