Is it Decreased Productivity of the Remote Work Truth or Just a Myth

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Remote work seems like a fad for money. Especially when you put remote work into a perspective of “working in pajamas”. 

The main concern for many businesses is productivity. There’s a belief that remote work kills it. 

That’s not entirely true. 

The New Normal 

Remote work isn’t just about working at your home. It’s about using tech, apps, and methods to re-allocate and optimize the work under any circumstances. 

The new normal wouldn’t be possible without it. Take for example FOCOS. It’s an app that allows you to create a custom working space from a single app. You can add other apps, tabs, and features and customize your perfect workplace. It reduces the noise and helps you to focus.

The COVID epidemic issued an imperative on every business on the planet. They have to up their ante, decentralize their operations, and find a new way to be efficient. 

Also, while they have to work on that, businesses had to coordinate in the new business landscape. Various industries closed or experienced problems, and thus businesses had to review how they operate.  

The Remote Work Concept 

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That’s how the concept of the remote work came to be. As businesses needed to cut costs and prevent the epidemic from spreading, they had to decentralize the office. 

This means that major operations of the business, but also every individual employee, had to adapt to this new organizational approach. And, while operations had to survive for a business to survive, doubt was placed on the employees’ ability to deliver. 

The question was simple. If they were left unmonitored, and had the leisure of working at their homes, would the productivity suffer? 

The instant reaction would be to believe that workers would lose their productivity since they weren’t in the office setting. However, that wasn’t the case. There are various studies on the topic, but the usual estimate is that employees show to be 13% more productive when working remotely.

After all, even with all office politics, employers don’t understand what employees need. 

What Employees Need 

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The employees spend too much time on their jobs. And, while they are at it, they aren’t exactly focused on the job. 

For example, a worker with an 8-hour shift and a 2-hour commute spends 12 hours a day at their job. Certainly, they only work for 8 hours per day, but the commute isn’t the time they are getting any rest. 

Especially if they don’t own a car, and have to pursue other means of transportations. And, even if they had a car, it still takes them 2 hours of active driving to get home. Add to that all the problems employees have at their job with reaching goals, and couple that with their problems. 

As they are already spending so much time on the work, and striving to remain productive, it becomes too stressful for them. As time progresses their productivity decreases, and they are left with less and less effective solutions to job problems. 

While you can throw benefits at them, and call it a day, it’s not enough to make them feel better and experience less stress.  

Remote Work Reduces Stress

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Stress is one of the main causes of cardiovascular and mental health problems. And, with all office politics, and HR solutions, workers are getting less of what they truly need. What a worker in this century needs is to be left alone to achieve his goals, and then plug out and live their life. 

The main reason jobs are so stressful nowadays is because they never end. The employees are simply spending too much time on their jobs. They don’t have to recuperate, rest, and enjoy their lives. 

The remote work helps them with just that. It erases the telecommute, let’s them focus on specific tasks, and give more to the job just to have more free time. The traditional work demands that worker submits fully. That doesn’t happen with the remote work methodology. 

While it seems unconventional, it helps them in more ways than a traditional setup ever could.  

More Benefits 

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The remote works give the workers a thing that they need the most – more time. While they are working to get salaries, pay rent, fix their cars, go to the movies, and pay for their living expenses, they need to have time on their own. 

Also, it makes them more goal-oriented. Since they can organize their whole routine around working from home, they’ll be more inclined to finish faster. Now, they’ll have more time for other activities, and finishing up their job, while providing quality work is more promising than usual. 

Additionally, they don’t fall under the influence of office politics and gossip. While remote work lacks the human touch, that touch was a great distraction to their performance. Now, the workers can focus on the job at hand, and achieve more. 

The allure of a flexible work schedule, creating their working space, and having more time for them is too much to hold off. That’s the reason why productivity increases for remote workers. They get to organize a life they want to live in. 

Give Remote Work a Try

All that is left is to try. It could feel weird but think about rewards. 

If you start working remotely, you are going to benefit from it more than you have ever imagined. Also, nothing beats working in the pajamas. 

You should give it a try. 

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