Portuguese cuisine – Visit Lisbon and dine in the seafood paradise

Sardines on a Plate

Each and every country of Europe has a special representation of their history through their mouthwatering menus. Some of them are even ready to wage a hot debate whether their cuisine is the most unique and representative. Portuguese dishes stand as a seal to their tremendous history that covered many parts of the world from where their adventurous sailors brought home all the tasteful bits that they found on their voyages. That said, it shouldn’t surprise you that so many people come to Lisbon purely as part of food tourism that is on the rise in this historical European country.

Experience Iberian peninsula like never before

Once you get there, there will be a lot more to the captivating beauty of this city then what you are going to find on your plate. I can remember that during my stag weekend in Lisbon, my buddies never even imagined that the food we ate is going to be some of the most memorable things that happened during our bachelor adventure.

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This city on the banks of Tagus river since the time of its foundation always had a sea-oriented dishes to offer but of course as the times went by the food menus become richer and today we are presented with a huge variety of different tastes. Anywhere you go, you will have a chance to find a charming restaurant to your liking.

From traditional Portuguese to international cuisine there are places to suit most tastes and budgets. It has some of the best-value eateries of any European city. Along with many sophisticated places you can find in Largo de São Carlos district to some of the worlds most famous Michelin-starred restaurants! Rua Anchieta is one of the tourists most visited districts when searching for a place in Lisbon to combine food and ambiance.

Of course, it is really hard to mention all the beautiful parts of this historical place since not only that there are many but each and every one of them homes captivating restaurants that are more than perfect to dine with your family or friends. The first thing that you will notice about Portuguese cuisine is how strongly it influenced by the Mediterranean culture.

Despite being relatively close to the Atlantic ocean the Spanish and French influence is still present in many dishes. As you might have already guessed Portuguese cuisine is famous for seafood with influences former colonial possessions that are presented with spices found nowhere else in Europe.  It is hard to note all the famous dishes that can be found here.

The most famous dishes that your taste buds will go crazy for

Some of them are the “Portuguese grandmoms” favorite others are sophisticated and with a touch of expert Lisbon chef turned into tourist sensation. Whatever may be your choice the residents of this city will tell you that you can’t leave without trying Cozido a Portuguesa and Caldo Verde! Both of them represent traditional Portuguese stew with various ingredients that perfectly mimic Lisbon’s natural surrounding.

I was personally surprised that most of the Portuguese people that I talked with said that probably the most important meal that you can try in order to experience Portugal with your stomach to the fullest is Polvo à Lagareiro. Polvo à Lagareiro is a roasted octopus recipe, drenched in olive oil and served with baked potatoes.

Sea Food and Potatoes

It can be said that this is a special national meal since many Portuguese families prepare it for Christmas evening and that said it can give you a good idea how important it is to their identity. Needless to say, if you are seafood enthusiastic you will think that you stepped into the paradise once you sit down to eat in the Portuguese capital.

But nonetheless, this amazing historical city holds more to the relentless charm that it possesses then with what you can find in its irresistible menus. There are so many reasons to come and fall in love with Lisbon but the time spent in one of its restaurants will be some of the most memorable things that happened during your stay.

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