Perfect Style Advice for Mothers and Daughters

Like Mother like Daughter
Wesley Richardson

It’s no secret that daughters look up to their mothers and love to mimic them in every possible way. 

Even you probably have a picture of yourself in your mother’s clothes or heels that you liked to try on while she wasn’t looking. Not to mention all the expensive makeup we ruined while playing with it and putting it on everything from our faces to the living room walls. Those were some fun and innocent days. And now you are in the position to laugh out of joy when you see your daughter doing the same things you did as well. 

Having this in mind it’s very important we teach our daughters some basic principals of style, comfort, and accessories. 


How to Perfectly Accessorize?

It’s never too late to become the master of accessorizing and never too early to start learning from the best. Our daughters look up to us and we should try and teach them some basic styling tips. Although if you have a very young daughter you are doing the shopping for her, we as kids are prone to subconsciously remembering certain things. 

There are a few accessorizing items every woman (and girl) owns and those are: shoes, bags, jewelry and hair accessories! Although shoes are not accessories per se they can (if paired correctly) be used in that way. Bags are one of those obsessions we develop early in our lives, but it’s important to teach your daughter that quality comes first. So hide purses for girls, which are made from great long-lasting material will teach your daughter, that style comes not only by buying absolutely everything that is trending at the moment, but rather comes from knowing what to invest in

Learning how to accessorize in the right way can make your otherwise day-to-day outfits exciting and new. So by glamming yourself up with a few key items, you will save a lot of money and what’s more important you won’t have to reinvent your outfits from scratch. 

There are a few essentials every woman has in her closet: a good pair of jeans, a white shirt, a blazer, a little black dress, you know the basics. They are called basics they are the foundation on which you build your outfits. 

Now you probably have a few outfits that you love but are starting to get boring – spice them up with something completely unexpected. Spice up your work outfit with some big earrings or a big colorful necklace and a new pair of shoes and a new bag. Try to accessorize in a way that will make your outfit stand out and don’t overdo it. 

So, for example, if you are going to wear a large necklace don’t wear large earrings and rings, but rather choose only one large piece. Also, learn a little about color schemes and according to them accessorize your outfits.

Depending on the age of your daughter you can use this method and adjust it. So if she is very little you don’t have to burden yourself with overthinking about accessories, when you think about it little girls are the cutes when they have plenty of kid’s wooden jewelry and plenty of butterfly hair clips etc. 

But if she’s above ten years old, you can absolutely start implementing the minimalist method of accessorizing and teach her some basics of color schemes, design, patterns and so on. 


Comfort Comes First!

One of the most important lessons you can teach your daughter when it comes to fashion is to always put comfort in front of everything else. This is something that most teenage girls absolutely forget about, and that’s why we can often see them in some crazy outfits that probably remind you of yourself when you were their age. But you don’t want your kid to make the same mistake and freeze in the name of fashion so it’s very important to teach them the importance of comfortable clothes from the start. 

The great thing about most modern fashion is that you can actually find finely designed items that are comfortable and beneficial for mothers who are constantly on their feet. The swelling of feet and blood clotting can be prevented by investing in the best compression socks for nurses which are also perfectly suitable for all women who stand a lot or walk a lot during the day. In the past, they used to be pretty dull looking but today even compression socks which are first and foremost made to make you comfortable, are now available in different colors and designs! 

As mentioned before, our kids look up to us and if they see that we have managed to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time they will learn that that is the best way to dress yourself.

You can easily teach your child to think about comfort by asking them questions like: how does that t-shirt feel, for example, is it too tight? What does the material feel like? Do you think you will get cold in that? And after you established that that t-shirt is comfortable, ask her if she likes the design or color. 

But by no means does this mean that it doesn’t matter what any piece of clothing looks like to your daughter. It’s important to hear her thoughts and to not force any decisions but rather to keep looking for something that will satisfy everything you are looking for. 

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