Are Morning Routines Really That Important?


Lately, it seem as tho everyone has become an early bird all of a sudden. And you may be wondering what’s all the fuss about these morning routines? Why is everyone talking about them and do people really need to wake up early to become more happy and successful? 

Here we will answer the burning question of the importance of morning routines. 

Why Is a Morning Routine Important?

It’s been said countless times that the early bird gets the worm. But what does this actually mean for you and the way you spend your mornings? 

There’s been a lot of research regarding the benefits of waking up early and setting the tone of your day in the right way. 

But we are all individuals with different needs and not everyone likes to wake up with the morning sun. That is true but, like everything else in this life, great things come with a little effort and commitment which doesn’t always mean we will do the things we particularly like — that is if you want to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Our mornings set the tone of our day whether we like or not and by setting the right tone we can control the way the rest of our day will unfold.

If we manage to wake up semi-early, have a hot cup of joe, listen to some uplifting music or a motivational podcast, we are already on our good way to win the day. 

Having a positive mindset in the morning and having a little extra “me time” can do wonders for our stress levels and that is because activities like listening to music, moving our body and so on, influence our brain to produce dopamine better know as the “happy hormone”

And happy people are motivated to do better, be better and to stay satisfied. This means that you are more likely to do all of your daily tasks on time which will leave you with even more time to do some other fulfilling activities. 

How to Build a Morning Routine?

Morning Routine

If you are not use to waking up early (or waking earlier than usual), this is the first step you should take when building a strong morning routine. 

There are a lot of people on social media who claim they wake up every morning at 5 am, which is great but in the beginning, start by waking up half an hour to an hour earlier than usual.

 And don’t sleep in on the weekends

Once you have a solid habit of waking up early you can start incorporating some things you always wanted to do. You can write down and describe in detail what would your ideal morning look like. 

Try to be mindful about your usual mornings and try to see how you are behaving differently from that ideal morning description and start making changes accordingly. 

What to Do in the Morning?

Plan out something great to do in the morning that will make you excited to wake up early! You can plan a delicious meal, catch up on that book you’ve been reading for too long, start meditating, moving your body, etc. 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try meditation and would very much like to reap the benefits of it. Which is actually perfect because mediation can help you stay calm, focused and is one of the best tools for self-reflection. 

You can easily start meditating just by downloading some fantastic free apps like Calm or Insight Timer and start with a simple 5 minute guided meditations. 

We all know that exercising at any time of the day can be exhausting and even a little boring, but moving your body, especially in the morning, is one of the healthiest choices anyone can make. 

And what’s so great about morning exercises is that you don’t have to go over the top to get your blood flowing. 

You can do some simple yoga stretches, go for a walk, put on some music, dance and goof around the house. Not only will you immediately start producing dopamine you will also keep your weight down! 

Numerous studies have shown that exercising in the morning boosts your metabolism meaning you burn more fat trought the day. 

You can finally start journaling! Writing about your previous day, what you dreamed of last night, and your hopes for the new day are all wonderful ways to spend your mornings. Journaling is a perfect tool that aids us in self-discovery. 

By journaling, we begin to unravel our way of thinking, how we act and how we feel. Which can all in return help us accept ourselves as we are, build confidence and self-awareness. And again all of this can help you to become happy and content. 

There are also plenty of more interesting things you start doing in the morning like learning a new language, drawing, cooking a healthy meal, playing an instrument (but not very loudly), writing a short story, learning to code, watching a scientific documentary, studying animals. 

The list can go on forever. It’s important to remember that for you to become a real morning person and to start reaping the benefits of waking up early, you must find a good reason to do this in the first place, otherwise, it will just feel like another exhausting job. 


If you’ve been thinking about implementing a morning routine for a while, now is the right time to start making changes. Having extra time for the things we love doing or would love to do can make us feel more satisfied and content. It will significantly reduce our stress levels meaning that we will have a more long and happy life. 

So start setting the right tone for your morning!

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