Keeping Your Dog Indoors – What You Need to be Aware of?

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The more urban your area of living is the greater chances are that your best friend will share the same household as you do. Some breeds are optimized for living indoors while other larger breeds are more comfortable while living outdoors usually in a backyard or a specially selected area for them.

There are many statements that are made out of popular beliefs and misconceptions that many dog owners are not fully aware of. Today we will try to answer some questions regarding the life of your dogs and maybe make you rethink before bringing your new fluffy friend to live inside with your family.

Living Indoors vs Outdoors

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How can it be that there are so many issues with bringing your dog inside when there is an amazing selection of different useful items to choose from pet stores online that will make your dog enjoy your household like a king in his castle? And, when its time to bring him outside then there are various dog accessories that both of you will love while enjoying the great outdoors, and make him dry when he hops back inside the house.

But, is keeping your dog inside with your family the most healthy thing that you can provide for him?

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of hugging our dog and thinking about how we love him more than most people that we met in our lives. But the fact is that at the end of a day he is just an animal and animals are made to breath fresh air and enjoy the outdoor environment as much as they can for the sake of their well being.

Dogs, in particular, are pack animals. In wild, they roam in large groups with a hierarchy and stripping your beloved best friend from this right can be just as painful as loneliness to an average human being. Of course, no one expects from you to herd a pack of dogs in your backyard just to make your dog a better company but when living with him indoors you need to be aware of certain things.

Bringing your dog indoors can lead to behavioral problems such as boredom that leads to destructive behavior. Such an unpleasant situation can be avoided with extensive training with your dog from the first days of his life in order to adopt him to your home and save all that precious furniture.

Learn to Understand His Needs as a Responsible Owner

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Separation anxiety is also a common problem that can be found among indoor dogs. You will also need to get used to excessive barking. They do this in a futile attempt to call for the pack and if your neighbors have a dog too then you can imagine how this can end up.

Be reasonable to him and never ever punish him for such behavior since they can’t help themselves but be the one with their nature. On the other hand, a dog that lives outside all the time will get to know your backyard in the first 10 minutes so cleaning his paws and bringing him inside from time to time can be very refreshing and mood changing for him.

Remember that banishing him from the house for a short while can be used as a good training method, but not as a permanent way to live. Think about the methods to combine both ways of living for your best friend, because just like humans they need excitement in everyday life.

Games like tug-o-war, fetch or treat hunt can be both entertaining and educational and should be practiced whenever there is a chance to do so. It is highly advised that any owner who has a dog that lives most of his time indoors spend as much time as he can outside with him.

In fact, if you have a certain area like backyard then make sure that you leave your dog outside regularly so he can enjoy the fresh air on his own and enjoy the solitude that he rarely experiences indoors. At the end of the day, these small practices can only be beneficial for both him and you since this will greatly prolong his life regardless of what breed your dog might be, not to mention the overall happiness that it can bring to your household.

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