Entertaining Ways to Relieve Stress for Adults

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As the old saying goes; two things in life are certain, death and taxes. You can add stress to that list of certainties because whether it’s your career, finance or school; going through stressful times is something everybody can relate to. But there’s no reason to let it bog you down completely. Instead, look at stress as an opportunity to experience some of the more entertaining remedies of relaxation. You deserve it!

Advanced coloring books

Did you ever feel stressed as a kid when your teacher handed out the crayons for coloring time? Of course not, it was one of the best things about school. Advanced coloring books are gaining in popularity and with good reason too. A 2006 study found that art therapy contributed to stress reduction in women going through treatment for cancer. The therapeutic qualities of art have resulted in advanced coloring books becoming best sellers across the globe.

Do a makeover

Women With Makeup

For all the ladies and those who feel like it, according to Scünci Hair Accessories, sometimes all it takes is a hairstyle change or some makeup to start seeing yourself under a different light and let go of stress. How we perceive ourselves physically can influence a lot about how we feel mentally. So why not have some fun while you are at it? Do a makeover, change your appearance, get creative! The moment you see yourself as a whole new person, you will feel that cortisol level drop.

Go hiking

Exercise relieves stress by producing endorphins, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall cognitive function. But it doesn’t have to involve running marathons or busting a gut in the gym every evening. According to Harvard Health hiking combines the stress relief of exercise and getting out in nature. You don’t need to climb Kilimanjaro because you’re worried about an upcoming deadline, take a trip to your local park.

Get a dog

Golden Retriever and Owner

Is there anything more fun than rolling around with puppies? Dogs are great companions, and in addition to offering security, they are proven to help with relaxation. Not only will owning a dog ensure you are more active, but their unconditional love is a sure-fire way to ensure a happier life. Dogs have even been found to be adept at detecting serious illness. It’s no surprise that dogs are the typical emotional support animal.

Look at some fractals

We’ve talked about art and highlighted nature as a fun way to relieve stress, so why not put those two together? How so? With fractal patterns. Fractal patterns are a never-ending symmetric visual sequence that relaxes the brain. Think leaves, snowflakes, nautilus shells, or the overlapping patterns of a Jackson Pollock painting! Studies have shown that looking at fractal patterns can reduce stress levels by up to 60%. If you are too far from a park or an art museum to check out some fractal patterns, don’t worry. YouTube has endless videos of fractals to spiral away from your stress in the comfort of your own home.

Get your hands on some Lego

It’s hard to find someone who didn’t like Lego as a child. In fact, more and more adults are using it to relieve stress while also being creative. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and major companies like Google and Nokia have adopted playing with Lego as a key part of their human resources, even providing gaming rooms for their employees’ recreation breaks. Some companies are now training their staff with Lego and applying the “Lego Serious Play” method to important business meetings. If you are not a fan of Lego or feel like you lack some creativity, there are all sorts of other puzzles out there. Jigsaw puzzles, 3D Models, and miniature dollhouses are more structured but also allow you to hit the primary goal: to play and relax.

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