Advice on How to Choose the Right Dog Scissors

Dog Scissors

If you have a dog that has hair that grows a lot it is almost impossible to be without good dog scissors. Before you buy the right scissors you should consider how often you should cut it to get the right scissors to suit your particular needs. Do you cut daily? Then you need better scissors for professional use that will, of course, be the more expensive solution.

But, If you cut very rarely, then you can bet on a little cheaper option. The point is that you should never head for a cheap solution and in any case and never use the regular scissors for trimming dogs hair. These scissors need to be specifically designed so that they do not damage the hair of your pup. 


Consider What Are Your Needs Carefully Before Purchase

Think about what you should have the scissors for. Is it for something specific or is it for general trimming? The price is, of course, important, but buying really cheap scissors is not worth it. Luckily for you and all dog owners, there are online services that can provide you with just the right scissors for your needs. Online purchase is always an option if you don’t have a dog accessories retailer in your area. 

Also, remember to never use your dog scissors to cut anything else. It becomes dull and thus impossible to trim properly with. Which material the scissors should have is also dependent on what you need the scissors for. The high-quality scissors are understandably more expensive. Carbon steel is a material that makes the grinding sharp and effective. It is advisable to rub a few drops of oil on the leaves so they last longer. 


Choose the right model and material

Stainless steel is the most common material in scissors nowadays. It is a material that is available nearly everywhere and stainless steel usually also guarantee a high quality of the scissors that will probably last for a lifetime. The most excellent material is a cobalt alloy. It is also a material used by hairdressers and that is what keeps the best lifelong sharpness from all materials. With sharp cuts in cobalt alloy, the hair is cut smoothly and easily without the chance of damaging the hair at cutting point. 

Some advisable tips when considering the right model for your needs would be that your scissors need to thin out and make the dogs’ fur nice and smooth. Nearly every model made from cobalt alloy should do the trick since they cut easily and well, but also consider the one that will sit well in the hand. If your dog finds the trimming unpleasant and hard to deal with for any reason, there is a trick that will make him calm so that you can carefully cut his hair. 

The trick is to put him inside the bathtub with a water level that will reach his knees but not above that level or below it. At the start, he might not be the calmest in this position but once you return him one or two times he will be just as calm so you can proceed with trimming. Remember to give him a nice bath later to remove all the tiny hairs that were left behind and don’t forget to use the conditioner afterward.


Advice on How to Choose the Right Dog Scissors
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Advice on How to Choose the Right Dog Scissors
Before you buy dog scissors you should consider how often you should cut it to get the right scissors to suit your particular needs. Do you cut daily?
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