Bucharest Travel Guide: The Perfect Hotspot For Stags & Adventurers

Bucharest Panorama

This is one of the most preserved capitals of Europe from the eyes of the foreigners. For the very same reason, Romanian capital city holds the treasures and well-hidden beauties to explore with your family and enjoy relaxing time in one of many lush paradises that are scattered all across the city. The once forbidden communist stronghold opened its gates for curious travelers who swear that Bucharest feeling is something that needs to be felt while touring Europe. Without further ado, let us take a look at what riches this amazing city holds that your family will love to see.

The newest travel hotspot of EU

The mesmerizing city on Dambovita river still holds so many surprises that need to be explored. We have all heard lately about exciting Bucharest nightlife that is becoming one of the greatest festivities Europe can offer. But, did you know that Romanian capital city is home to Europe’s biggest indoor beach complex? Yes, I was shocked too, but as it turns out in 2017 the Bucharest officials opened this amazing beach complex for all eager visitors to enjoy the summer vibe at any time of year!

This is just one of many notable things that greatly improved Bucharest travel card on the international tourism scene. This city still holds the scars of once isolated Eastern Europe. The concrete jungle as youngsters of this city like to call it is a two million residents strong city that is coated in graffiti art and a unique mix of visual and tasteful sensation.

Finger-licking cuisine

Unlike anywhere in Eastern Europe, you will have a chance to dine with a special combination of traditional Balkan cuisine with flavors of any empire that roamed throughout Romania and left some recipes so that today Romanians can create very unique national meals. Ciorba de Burta, Mamaliga cu branza si smantana, Papanasi, and Sarmale just to name a few that most visitors blame for these few extra pounds they had when they returned home.

Charming restaurants will be on your way anywhere you go and only the most extravagant one will make you pay for such pleasure more than usual. Others will give you chance to dine just as fine but with such low paycheck at the end that you will remain shocked for several minutes.

Needless to say, Bucharest is a budget travelers dream. And such information can only be a great addition when you are traveling with your whole family because no one wants to pay more when they don’t have to.

Unique landmarks and shopping opportunities

Triumph Arch

The vast parliament building is one of the most notable landmarks this country (and whole of Europe) has to offer. It is the largest man-made object on the whole continent! And no exploration of the “old continent” is completed without witnessing with your eyes what dictator Ceaușescu envisioned as his home before he was overthrown in a coup d’etat.

Hundreds of people lost their lives in pursuing his unrealistic wish to build such an architectural masterpiece that stands today as a testament to once unbearable and harsh times.

What may come as surprise for your whole family is how well built Bucharest boulevards are. They are interconnected in a large web that enables you to visit the whole city while never leaving them. Also, they are the widest boulevards in Europe!

Everywhere you follow them, you will end up in one of many Bucharestian parks that are serenity spots for relaxation and great places for recreation for your kids. They hold charming open cafes where you can relax your body after a long walk in a lush surrounding with many artificial and natural lakes.

One thing that may come as a great addition to your travel goals here is how great shopping spot Bucharest seems to be. Any imaginable famous brand can be found within one of many shopping malls and the best thing about them is that they have the lowest prices in the whole of EU! Unsurprisingly many families that leave for the airport are stacked with large bags with all the goods they are about to bring home since all these prices so so hard to resist…


Before you come here, remember just one thing: Leave all the stereotypes that you might have heard in the past and let Romanian residents win your trust with such hospitality that will bring tears to your eyes. Book this trip for your friends and family today and let them fall in love with Romanian culture for the rest of your lives.

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