Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

The key to the perfect layered style is a Bomber Jacket. This jacket is one of the coolest jackets this season as they come in so many different styles making it perfect for any occasion. It is an essential garment of the “baddie” aesthetic on Instagram. Furthermore this jacket is one of the most sought out by almost all age groups the last couple of seasons. And it’s still hot. 

If you’re not sure what kind of jacket is going to be right for you, no worries cause you can choose from a vast variety of different bombers and find the womens bomber jacket that is going to fit you perfectly. There’s a match for every fashion sense. Not only that but you’ll also be able to easily find them and buy them through our page! Exciting! 

Where to buy women coach bomber jacket?

womens bomber jacket

If you’re not sure where you can buy your dream coach jacket you don’t need to look any further as you are in the right place. You can easily buy them through our page. That’s the easy part, the hard part is finding the right coach jacket that’s going to perfectly fit you and in accordance with your overall style. But what’s good news is that they are so versatile that it will be almost impossible not to find one that’s going to suit you perfectly. 

You can try out different designs. You’ll see that there is a vast variety when it comes to the Bomber Jacket. You can find them in leather style which is the perfect jacket on an evening night out. Varsity jackets or coach jackets for college or school, faux fur biker jackets when you’re feeling a little hard core and you can even find a floral bomber jacket for spring evenings. You’ll be able to match each and every one to your particular mood. How great is that?   

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Why do they call it a bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets are called this way because they were originally designed for military soldiers, particularly for fighter pilots. Because they have a bulky design they were especially comfortable to wear. What’s more because of the loose arm holes that had elasti ribs fighter pilots were able to be more agile. They are also known by the name pilot jackets. 

But how come women wear them now? 

They became especially trendy in the late 1960s and early 1970. Because of its specific style the womens bomber jacket quickly became popular and still remains as one of the most sought out women’s jackets. They originally came only in a few colors, the midnight blue hue and after that in sage green. Later, around the 1980s more colors were introduced and they were especially popular in burgundy and brown. 

Because they became so popular as both street style and as a high end fashion piece even more styles and color were introduced, black bomber jacket womens being one of the most popular. And the one you can style with different outfits easily. 

Today they come in a variety of hues from the standard navy blue, sage green, black and brown the Bomber Jacket can also be found in baby pink, baby blue, mint, gold silver and there are also various printed bomber jackets, the floral bomber jacket being one of the most popular among women of all ages. 

Are bomber jackets still in style?

bomber jacket online

Bomber jackets aren’t going anywhere. In fact with so many different styles of them they are more popular than ever. This military inspired outerwear is getting better and better with each season. Major brands are seeing to it that each season bomber jackets get a new makeover regarding style, color hues, material, embellishments, etc. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that womens bomber jacket are once more the “it” outerwear this season. 

This military inspired jacket has been around since the 1960s and from the looks of it it’s not going anywhere. Through the decades it has gone through some major changes. The first one being a popular type of outerwear for nonmilitary people. This isn’t the first time military wardrobe found its way to the masses. 

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The trench coat, chinos and cardigans all have their roots in military wardrobe. But what’s very interesting is that most of these pieces of clothing are worn today by the masses across the world. The fashion industry really knows how to make an utilitarian piece of clothing a real fashion statement. Apart from the widely known camouflage print the Bomber Jacket is one of the most popular military inspired outerwear amongst women and men. 

Are bomber jackets warm?

warm bomber jacket

The original bomber jackets were the ideal winter outwear. And they are still today but it greatly depends on the type of material they are made of. You should always make sure they are made out of thick material and that they feature at least faux fur before you buy a Bomber Jacket for winter time. If you are looking to find something unique and cool for fall then you don’t need to worry. They will keep you warm for sure. Wear a hoodie underneath and you should be just fine. 

As for the warmer seasons when there’s a light spring breeze they will serve as the perfect outerwear. They can serve as the perfect layered look that’s especially advisable during spring. And not to mention that the layered look is absolutely fashionable. Consider the  floral bomber jacket for spring Although Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada would say “florals for spring? How groundbreaking” we say that this cliche is there for a reason. Women love florals for spring! They are simply fun to wear! 

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How to style a womens bomber jacket?

women in bomber jacket

There are a variety of ways you can style bombers. They are considered to be womens casual jackets, so it’s safe to say that they are the perfect go-to outerwear. You can try throwing your favorite bomber over the the last couple of seasons favorite mom jeans, a simple t-shirt, a t-shirt dress and they even go great with sweatpants! All eyes will be on you for sure. Just imagine yourself wearing an animal print bomber with leather leggings. 

Or even better. A satin bomber in the flashy red color. Because they are so versatile you’ll have no trouble styling them in the perfect way. You can also try mixing and matching different prints by layering your bomber with fun graphic tees. And if you ever lack inspiration just think of Instagram’s top fashionistas like Kyle Jenner or Hailey Bieber and they will surely inspire you to try out a new look. 

If you’re looking for a more underground look style your Bomber Jacket a little black dress, fishnet stockings and converse shoes. Just think of Maeve from Sex Education because she’s this year’s Netflixe’s queen of hard core leather and bomber jackets. 

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How to wear a bomber jacket?

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Because this jacket is so versatile it can be mixed with almost any type of style. You can find them printed, in classic black, green or brown color, neoprene, made out of silk in leather and so on. It is the perfect outerwear for all sorts of occasions. From heading off to UNI to going out with your best gal pals. It’s just a great jacket for all events and seasons. There is no specific rule you must follow when wearing a Bomber Jacket

It solely depends on your personal preference and your overall fashion taste. If you’re into minimalist fashion a simple black bomber will do. If you like outrageous prints that won’t be left unnoticed you can find that kind of jacket as well. If you love satin and pastel colors you can rock your bomber in a girly manner. Fashion is an extension of who we are. So it really depends on how you see yourself and how you would love the world to see you. One thing’s for sure the womens bomber jacket should definitely find its way into your essential wardrobe. 

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How should a bomber jacket fit on women?

bomber jacket fit on women

There are many ways you can wear this military inspired outerwear. But there’s only one way it will fit you perfectly. First thing you should decide is whether you’ll be wearing it only outside or would you like to wear it indoors as well. Once you made up your mind we can easily proceed. If you never had a Bomber Jacket before there are few things you should have in mind. 

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The first moment is very important as it will determine the size you will want to buy. If you are planning to wear it as outerwear get your size as it will look good zipped. It will also rest loosely on your hip, the cuffs will be tight and the collar will perfectly sit on your neck. If everything feels loose or too tight try a different size. A smaller sized bomber usually looks pretty cool unzipped so that’s why you should determine where you want to wear these womens casual jackets. The only thing that really matters is that you love what you see in the reflection and that you are comfortable. 

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