Best Inflatable Kiddie Pool

best inflatable kiddie pool

One of the most enjoyable parts of summer is taking in the sights and sounds of your own backyard. After all, there’s no better feeling than soaking up the sun’s rays in your own private getaway.

As much as we love summer days, they can be freakin’ hot, and in those sweaty moments, it sure feels nice to get your feet wet — especially if you have kids who are also looking for cool summertime activities.

If owning a family pool isn’t in the cards this Summer, then no need to panic, because this affordable kiddie pool will get the job done.

This low-maintenance mini pool is straightforward to set up. Pick up one for your family, and never worry about sweltering-hot days again! Have a look ahead.

Portable pools allow kids to play and enjoy in water even if they do not know swimming. Your kids can spend the hot summer days in water in the safety of your backyard. However, if you want to take a look at some best Inflatable Kiddie Pool that we selected for you then keep on reading.

Inflatable Fish Baby Pool

Inflatable Fish Baby Pool
  • Fish-shaped
  • Easy assembly
  • High-quality materials

Intex inflatable baby pool is a fun and attractive fish-shaped baby pool. Its dimensions are 124 centimeters long, by 109 wide by 71 high. It has a capacity for 53 liters and is designed to fit in it one or two small children.

The pool is shaped like a fish with its mouth open, so the upper part acts as a visor to protect the baby from direct sunlight. Also, one of the walls has a transparent vinyl so that the light enters, and we can observe the child from any point making models like his one to easily be some of the best inflatable kiddie pools.

Main points in favor: padded floor, easy to swell.

Main negative point: the pool is complicated at the time of folding, so if we want to take it on a trip, we must devote some time to place it correctly.

Bestway Frog Baby Pool 

Frog Baby Pool
  • Frog motive
  • With UV protection
  • With inflatable floor
  • Water capacity (75%): 33l

In this case, we are facing a baby frog pool model very similar to the previous one, since it has the shape of an animal and a protective visor against the sun’s rays. What changes is the manufacturer? Bestway is another of the great companies dedicated to the manufacture of products for home, garden, and free time.

This pool is shaped like a frog. On the surface, we find a yellow ring of prominent thickness. The floor is padded, ideal for babies who already know how to stay seated. This type of flooring also offers a better grip than any smooth floor.

The upper part of the visor is composed of four inflatable arches that are shaped like a frog. This part is green and incorporates two different motifs: the frog’s legs in orange on the sides and its eyes on the top of the pool.

The capacity of the pool exceeds 33 liters, while its dimensions are 114 by width, 109 by length, and 74 high. Although it seems circular, it is slightly oval.

Main negative point. Although this pool is equipped with a cover, we must emphasize that it does not really act as a sunscreen, since it does not cover half the circumference of the surface. 

It is effective first thing in the morning or at the end of the afternoon, but in the central hours of the day, when the sun is higher, it does not protect at all.

Color Baby – Winnie the Pooh Inflatable Baby Pool

Winnie the Pooh Inflatable Baby Pool
  • Measures: 102 x 69 cm
  • Easy assembly
  • High-quality materials
  • Winnie the Pooh inflatable pool
  • It has a soft padded floor and a cover that protects against Uva rays

This model is also manufactured by Intex and designed for the smallest of the house. In this case, it is a Winnie the pooh swimming pool for babies with visor and a rectangular surface. The bottom of the pool includes an inflatable plastic ring in which drawings of Winnie the Pooh appear. 

The floor consists of padding to make the pool softer, and the inflatable rings are resistant to the last longer in the face of bites, scratches, or punctures.

As we said, at the top of the pool, there is a visor-shaped cover that occupies half of the surface. This cover is designed to prevent the child from being given grape rays directly. The cover is formed by nine hoops that represent the colors of the rainbow.

The capacity of this pool is 45 liters, while its dimensions are 102 centimeters long and 69 centimeters wide.

Highlights: it is easy to swell, and the visor is large enough to protect the baby from the sun. The latter is one of the points that we liked the most.

Negative point: the pool has many valves to get the air in. This can become an inconvenience since the more there are more disassembly difficulties entails. Also, the higher the number of valves, the greater the possibility of air escaping through one of them.

Another Affordable Sunset Baby Pool

Sunset Baby Pool
  • Measurement: 86 x 25 cm
  • Easy assembly
  • High-quality materials

This affordable three rings baby pool model is one of the simplest but still one of the best inflatable kiddie pools in the market. It is composed of three circular hoops and a padded surface, also inflatable. Each of the hoops is one color, so it is a colorful, lively, and cheerful pool in view of the little ones.

The upper ring is pink, the intermediate ring is yellow, and the lower ring is green. For its part, the floor is blue with geometric shapes that look like small rhombus-shaped cushions.

The pool is 86 centimeters in diameter and 25 centimeters high, more than safe, and sufficient measures if we cannot keep our baby’s watch all the time. 

With this size of the pool, we make sure that the little one of the house enjoys and has fun without risks caused by inadequate supervision.

The materials are of high quality to resist the sun and any action performed by babies: bumps, scratches, bites …

The main point in favor: the floor is padded and anti-slip.

The main point against it does not include a valve to empty the contents of the pool, so we must remove the water little by little until we can turn it over or dump it altogether.

Giraffe Inflatable Pool

Giraffe Inflatable Pool

We want to close this guide with another animal model, this is the inflatable baby pool with a giraffe design. 

One of the highlights of this model is that it includes several accessories to entertain the baby and that he spends more time in the water: these are two hanging rattles and two inflatable rings, which can be used to play or get into Giraffe’s tail.

The floor of the pool also has drawings of animals with striking colors and beautiful designs. The water storage capacity is around 53 liters, a figure slightly higher than the rest of the market pools. And this model is somewhat more significant in terms of size: 208 centimeters high, 165 centimeters wide.

The edges of the pool are vinyl. The swelling area is composed of a single ring, so when it is swollen, it is much faster and easier.

The main point against this model: the surface is completely smooth and not inflatable, so it is more prone to slipping.

In Conclusion 

Unfortunately, not everyone can have a swimming pool built at home, but if we have space in our garden or terrace, the little ones can also enjoy a refreshing bath thanks to these swimming pools for babies.

Numerous brands were in question, and we have looked at various models to make this selection, focusing carefully on their main advantages and disadvantages.

We hope that you found this guide useful and that after reading it, you will have a clearer idea of what option you have for finding the best inflatable kiddie pool.

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