Will Avant-garde beauty code ever go out of fashion?

Girl With Gold Glitter on Her Face

A question that has been hotly debated in top grade fashion circles from the days of their foundation. Certain styles do not have that capacity to be worn out after a couple of seasons or whenever a famous designer says so. Avant-garde is glamour, chick, smart and above all, timeless. You can be the beautiful lady from any echelon of society but once you know how to play the Avant-garde game all the curtains fall and you are represented as a glamorous diva. What does Avant-garde even mean? And how it came to be that this fashion code seemingly never gets boring?

Monochrome beauty queen style

From head to toe in the somewhat same color, walking your dog on a leash with a chin bit higher than all the ladies around… Channel will dress you, Comfort Puppy will equip your dog to be in the exact tone like you are, there will be a glamorous veil around your head to protect you from the sun rays like the true lady that you are, and still, there may be a chance that you don’t know what this movement represents.

Since its first inception, this movement generated major progress in fields like art, music, architecture, literature, theatre, and most importantly fashion! This is above all cultural movement characterized by the experimental, the radical and the unorthodox approaches.

Its name derives from a French word for “advance-guard” and as you can guess the whole movement represents the unstoppable will of the individual to break free from the norms of everyday society and look in such different way that represents its unique fashionable approach. What makes something avant-garde is its capacity to transcend the boundaries of convention through experimentation. For starters, you can just give a wild guess how this might have turned out for the world of fashion.

The movement has influenced the way creators think and formulate their work. Certain tendencies caught on and are now widespread. Undoubtedly, the Avant-garde fashion approach gave the world the sense of elegance that a single color outfit can represent.

The glamour that Avant-garde gifted this world

Ribbons and Scissors

Today it is hard to imagine that the world before this movement had the sensation that the single color style was inappropriate for virtually any occasion.

Yet today we are witnesses of different creations and overall formal outlook that represents the elegance that such shortage of colors can bring. Needless to say that the lack of color is one of the biggest fashion contributions of the avant-garde fashion movement.

This type of beauty approach mainly works with monochrome shades. Keeping only a single tone gives the opportunity to work on clothing like on a canvas. The form, shape, and volume of outfits have also been changed by the avant-garde influence.

Details now consist of unexpected cuts and oversized tailoring which offer a different perspective to what the wearer is presenting. Therefore it should not come as a surprise to you that the worlds most famous fashion designers are now more than ever embracing the upcycling ethos of this movement.

In order to minimize the waste produced by the clothes that are discarded every new season and to blend in such minimalistic expectations of today’s art in general. One thing undoubtedly comes in mind whenever we think about this beauty approach. And that is the aesthetic aura that magnetizes everyone around the wearer and allures everyone with sophisticated taste to take a closer look at your captivating beauty.

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