7 Ways You Can Perfectly Style Your Curly Hair

hairdryer, scissors and other hair styling tools

Curly hair doesn’t care! Curly hair is one of the most personality-filled hairstyles and it looks absolutely stunning. Sometimes it can get a little wild and you can have a pretty hard time taming it. But, this article is all about styling your curls in the most complementing way you can. 

With a little help from accessories from brands like Conair Scünci your hair will look absolutely stunning. Hair accessories can really accentuate your curls and make them stand out even more! Find out what are the best hairstyles for curly hair and enjoy your read!  

Messy Topknot

Messy Hair

There’s not a more complementing look for curly hair in the summer than the messy topknot. It’s easy to make and is suitable for long to medium hair length. It’s an effortless look perfect for long summer days and even longer nights. 

First, pull your hair into a nice ponytail and make it tight. Then start wrapping your hair around the hair tie, and wrap it in a clockwise direction. For extra security, you can pin in some bobby pins. It will keep your hair secure yet at the same time messy. You can accessorize this look with a nice silk bohemian headwrap or rhinestone barrettes for a statement look. 

Braided Low Ponytail


French braids are absolutely stunning, especially during hot and romantic summer nights. This look will last the whole day making a nice transition from day to night. It’s a great look perfect for almost any occasion. We recommend you braid your hair in French style basically because it looks much more complementing on curly hair. 

You don’t have to make it really tight. Loose low pony french braid will look absolutely stunning on curly hair. Making a French braid is really similar to making a regular one. Section your hair and start making a traditional braid. After a few pulls start introducing new sections of hair and work your way down. You can accessorize it with some silky ribbons, rhinestone bobby pins through your braid or on the sides of your hair. 

Twisted Maiden Braids

model girl with braided hairstyle.

This look takes only a couple of minutes to make but it is absolutely wonderful. It is perfect for days in which you just don’t know what to do with your hair but want to make a little change. This process is very simple.

Take sections of your hair from the sides in the front. Pull the rest of the hair back. Take one section of your hair and start making loose braids. When you are finished making it, secure it on the back of your hair with some bobby pins. The same goes for the other section. This can be perfectly accessorized with some small jaw clips or a big barrette.  

High Ponytail

Black Woman With High Ponytail

Rihanna rocked this look multiple times on the red carpet. It goes to show that even a ponytail can be absolutely fashionable and classic. It especially goes for curly hair. It just makes it stand out more.

You can make this look even more cool with the help of a few accessories. Gather your curls into a high sleek ponytail secure it with a tight hairband and some bobby pins. Now that that’s done you can add a colorful scrunchie, a nice satin scarf or accessorize the sides of your hair with some star-shaped clips, flower jaw clips or animal print barrettes. It will spin a little the classic pony look. 

Braided Headband

Girl With Hair Braids

If you want to use your own hair as the perfect hair accessory you can. You can let your voluminous curls loose and just frame your face a little with your own hair. It’s a perfect daytime look which will make you look super chic and imaginative.

Take one section of your hair and pull it to the side you like the best. The options here are pretty much endless because you can make your braided headband in almost every braid style. You can choose to make a traditional braid, french braid, fishtail braid or a dutch braid. 

Pin-Up Bangs

Pin-Up Bangs Hair

If you love this kind of rockabilly style or just want to spice up your hair a little, you can make these faux pin-up bangs. Every woman at least once in her lifetime wishes to have bangs. Some cut them and regret instantly but with a few tricks, you can make bangs without any scissors. 

Basically, this look goes a little better with wavy hair but you can also make it if you have curls. You’ll just have to brush them until they are kind of wavy or straight. You take an upper section of your hair put your fingers under the hair and start twisting it around it. Once you’re done you secure them with some bobby pins and hair spray just to be sure they’ll stay in place. A nice velvet headband will perfectly complete the look. 

Two Low Ponytails

Hair Salon

This one really brings out those cute girly vibes. Perfect for a day on the beach or on a vacation. Your partly loose curls will look absolutely stunning and the inspiration for this look actually came from Alicia Keys. It’s a completely effortless look but with a little twist. 

You just divide your hair into two sections and tie each of them with a hair tie. Now you can use one in some neutral colors or a colorful one it depends on the look you are going for. But the real deal is small jaw clips. You will clip them on the sides of your hair close to your forehead and style them down to your ears. Perfectly cute! 

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