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Bucharest Travel Guide: The Perfect Hotspot For Stags & Adventurers

This is one of the most preserved capitals of Europe from the eyes of the foreigners. For the very same reason, Romanian capital city holds the treasures and well-hidden beauties to explore with your family and enjoy relaxing time in one of many lush paradises that are scattered all across the city. The once forbidden communist stronghold opened its gates for curious travelers who swear that Bucharest feeling is something that needs to be felt while touring Europe. Without further ado, let us take a look at what riches this amazing city holds that your family will love to see.

Portuguese cuisine – Visit Lisbon and dine in the seafood paradise

Each and every country of Europe has a special representation of their history through their mouthwatering menus. Some of them are even ready to wage a hot debate whether their cuisine is the most unique and representative. Portuguese dishes stand as a seal to their tremendous history that covered many parts of the world from where their adventurous sailors brought home all the tasteful bits that they found on their voyages. That said, it shouldn’t surprise you that so many people come to Lisbon purely as part of food tourism that is on the rise in this historical European country.
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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Presents for Her – Make this Vaneltine’s day the unusual one

It is that time of year when couples become even more attached to the care and love they have for each other. We all know how a certain present from time to time can make our loved one know that we care for her, but what better occasion than a Valentines’s day to surprise her with an unusual present that she will most certainly remember for a long time. Here are some wacky and unusual ideas for Valentine’s day gift: 1. Chose naughty and fun Valentine’s gift Maybe you didn’t expect this recommendation but lush vibrator as a gift can

Will Avant-garde beauty code ever go out of fashion?

A question that has been hotly debated in top grade fashion circles from the days of their foundation. Certain styles do not have that capacity to be worn out after a couple of seasons or whenever a famous designer says so. Avant-garde is glamour, chick, smart and above all, timeless. You can be the beautiful lady from any echelon of society but once you know how to play the Avant-garde game all the curtains fall and you are represented as a glamorous diva. What does Avant-garde even mean? And how it came to be that this fashion code seemingly never